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About FitBehavior

Committing to the best version of yourself is the only investment worth making.

What is FitBehavior

FitBehavior Training was created for people who fell off and need to find their way back to the elite version of themselves. This trainer service is led by a former athlete who never stopped being an athlete. Quitting was never an option.

When fitness is approached as an optional segment of life, we are choosing to give up control of our health. Fitness is more than a program or gym time. It is how you behave everywhere. Behavior is your habitual approach to executing tasks.


This requires mind-body awareness. FitBehavior provides knowledge on mobility, preventative exercise, strength training, and skill development. We work to go beyond looking good, we give you the life you deserve. More energy, Learn your body, Change your relationship with food, and inspire others to develop FitBehavior.

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